Setting goals for New Year

Setting goals for New Year

Goals – should you say them out loud?

Like some of you might know, I used to be a cross country skier. I know, it was very, very, very long time ago. But cross country skiing was huge and important part of my life until I was 18 years old, and this hobby have taught me so many things about life, friendships, dreams and goals.

I spent most of my time after school practicing. I spent part of the summers in summer camps where we trained twice a day. While training, I had a goal and a wish in my mind, I really wanted to be some day part of the Finnish cross country team that would head to Olympics. But I never, never said my goals out loud, now matter how small or big the goals were. Maybe it’s part of the Finnish mentality. I think that most of Finns think, that you shouldn’t keep too much noise about yourself. That might make you annoy others. My own silly belief was, that goals that are said out loud never come true. And so I kept my goals and wishes as my own secret.

As you might suspect already, I didn’t become an Olympic winner. And to be clear, I wasn’t even close (heh). Life brought surprising things to my way, and so, I stopped training ski. And I was lost. I totally get those sport super stars that get lost after their career as a skier, football player, runner etc. When you have just one goal, and it’s taken away, you are going to be lost for a while. The good thing is that, if you just listen to your heart and keep your eyes open, new opportunities will come in your way. And that is what happened to me too. I found a lovely guy who leaded me to Spain and, at the same time I started building my dream of becoming a photography business owner. And now, after few years, decide to focus mostly in photographing other business owners and entrepreneurs, like myself. And that is how I found my new goals for life and for business.

Later I have learned few more things about goals and how to set them, like write them down, tell about your goals to your friends and family (so they can support you), follow up your progress, and reward yourself while reaching them. But there is still small part of me saying that you shouldn’t say goals out loud. Maybe write them to the paper, and roll the paper, and hide it to your drawer. And then, do humble and hard work to reach whatever you want in this life.

Well, I have decided to say some goals out loud or write them to here (brave me!!). Let’s see afterwards if it’s really true, that goals shouldn’t be said out loud. ; ) Ok, so…

1. This year I want to concentrate building photography services to other entrepreneurs and small business owners (without forgetting other genres that I photograph and love). This is new thing to me, so I’m still in the progress of building different kind of photography sessions and services for them. But I have to say, I’m super excited to work with other business owners. They always inspire me so much.

2. Beauty is a big word to me. I want every person who comes in front of my camera to feel beautiful, and see the unique beauty in them in the photos we capture during the session. I’m a girl too. I can’t say that I love being in front of the camera. I don’t every day wake up and think that I’m looking beautiful or even OK (heh). But I know that a nice smile and a cute dress makes me feel good and beautiful.

So, I want to photograph more women during this year. I want to make them feel beautiful and I want them to see the unique shine that each and every of them have. I want to show them the beauty that their family and friends see in them.



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