THE surprise proposal

THE surprise proposal

Even if he proposed me already many months ago, writing this story stills make me feel so excited and loved. It was all so perfect! He really chose the most beautiful place ever.

It was totally a surprise, and, my reaction to his question is showing the best that I really didn’t have a clue what was happening. After his big question I didn’t say “YES!”. Instead I said “Seriously, are you serious?! Really?! You mean really… Seriously”. And the guy was on his knees and ring in his hand (Katariina, that is a sign that the guy is kind of serious!) and he answered: “Yes, I’m serious.” But I still couldn’t understand what was going on…

Ok, but let’s back up a second, if you want to know how the whole story went, keep reading…
This is a long story, but I love myself engagement stories, and I thought some of my readers might love them too, so here it goes. Our story: How he popped the question?

At the end of the last summer holidays, we were having a little camping trip in Portugal. We love hiking and we planned to spend one whole day hiking along the coast line. The trip was 22 kilometres, but since there wasn’t much high difference it wasn’t really hard to walk (except the part in the beach, where I felt that I was just walking in the same place and not moving at all ;P ).

The views.

Those. Were. Amazing.

(phone photos)





Absolutely beautiful. We had packed food for us and while walking we stopped to eat snacks and taking photos. (I have like 200 phone photos from this trip. The number of photos that we took have to tell a bit how stunning the place was.)

So, when the Sun was about to go down to sleep, we arrived to our destination. A really small village that just have few restaurants and beautiful and calm beaches. Just before we were about to enter to the village, Alex said that we should sit down for a while to watch the sunset. I was a little bit hungry already and I wasn’t loving the idea at the first place, but still, we ended up sitting in this kind of sightseeing place where you could see the sea and the Sun that was about to say good night.

He was talking little cute stuff and it wasn’t so weird, because I’m lucky enough to have quite romantic boyfriend. He was talking about the seashells that we had found the previous day, and then, suddenly, he said he had a photo that he wanted to show to me.

Ok. Now I had the feeling. This is weird. He is weird! What is going on?!

He picked little leather envelope that said “Corte Ingles”, and that made my heart jump few extra beats.

“Wow, What is going on, like really?!” I thought and felt really nervous.

Suddenly he was on he’s knees and said “Tuletko vaimokseni?” (= Will you marry me?) And then he got that surprised answer that I told you in the beginning. He said that it took forever until I said ”yes!” after all the mumbling. And it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to answer, it was just so huge surprise. Wonderful and lovely surprise.

I have decided to skip the photos of that moment, because I wasn’t looking my best, but we got the photos of the sunset. And the second photo was the photo that I send to my family, and guess what my father answered; “Looks good”. He totally missed the ring! Well, to be honest, he wasn’t the only one. ; )

(phone photos)



Some people laugh to us, when we told that he proposed me after such a long hike and while we were both all sweaty, but really, for me it was more than perfect. We love to do all kind of outdoor stuff and he knows that I love hiking so this proposal looked like us.

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