Few tips for your couple session

Few tips for your couple session

Hi chicos,

Today I wanted to share few tips for all of you that are planning your couple/engagement shoot. Planning the shoot is not a rocket science, but I want to point out few things that it’s good to keep in your mind.

1. Do this together.

Most of the time it’s the girl that is booking the shoot, but remember to talk about all these details with your partner too. You know him best, so let him know what to expect from the shoot. Show him some photo ideas in Pinterest, or check together my portfolio and choose your favorite photos.

2. Choose the day and time

The best time to photograph portraits with natural light is 2 hours after the sun rise or 2 hours before the sunset. And since I looove to use natural light in my shoots, this is the time I try to book all my shoots. This, also, allows me to get the same look for your photos that you can see in my portfolio.

Now, you should just choose the day! We shoot photo sessions from Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday’s are available once or twice a month (depending the season).

3. Choose the location

Ok, this is important, since the location is really setting the frames for your shoot. Try to think what kind of location would work for you! Are you a city person or do you rather spend your time close to nature and in the country side? Is there any place where you like to spend time together? And could we even have the photo session in a place where he/she proposed or where you had your first date?

If you don’t mind, I would like to share our own idea for our engagement photos… Well, we as a couple, we love to spend time in the nature, like in parks, mountains or in the river that is close to us. We love to bring our toy poodle with us and let him run around us.

He also proposed me after a 22 km hike… sooo, Could there be any better place than getting our photos taken in a mountains (or in some forest)? I think that the mountains would be more than a perfect place to have our photos taken*. And it would be so us! In your case, just give it a little thought! Which would be the perfect place for your photos?

*Ok, little side note… let’s be honest: our photographers don’t know our idea yet, so let’s see first what they say about our plan. ; )

4. Hey, but I have no idea what to wear!

I’m sure you have! : ) You really don’t need to go for shopping before the shoot. I’m going to send you a few tips before the shoot about the clothing, but I can share few things with you already.

First, it’s good to coordinate your styles and colors in your clothes. This doesn’t mean that you should try to be matchy, matchy, but check that your clothes looks great together.

Few things, that I would avoid in the the clothes are: logos, text and numbers, and strong patterns. These things tend to call too much attention in the photos. I’m not saying “no” for patterns, because those can look really amazing. Just make sure that you are careful when using patterns, so you are not full of stripes, dots and flowers. : )

5. And what about the hair and make-up?

I let you decide, if you want to do your hair and make-up yourself or do you want to hire a professional. If you ask my opinion, I would book a professional hair- and make-up artist because they know what type of make up look the best in the photos. They are also using products that last during your whole shoot or the whole day.

And let’s be honest, it’s also great to treat yourself a little and just relax before the shoot, when others are taking care of your hair and make-up. This part of the photo session day is making the experience really special.

If in the end you decide to do your own hair and make-up I have gathered few little tips to you in to our “how to prepare” info.

6. Be on time

This is important, and I’m sorry if i sound like your mother, but since we work most often with the natural light, being late means often less time to photograph your session. : )

7. Relax and enjoy!

I promise to make you feel relaxed in front of my big fat camera. So when it’s time to start the shoot, relax and concentrate enjoying the company of your loved one. We’ll give you all kind of silly things to do together which makes it easier to catch your real smiles and reactions.


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