How to use photos for personal branding?

How to use photos for personal branding?

So, how to use photos for personal branding?

Good question! After your personal branding photo session, you’re going to have a collection of beautiful images to use on social media and on your website.

You want to make sure to get the most out of your pictures…


Where else can I use my photos to promote my brand?

The Internet is a wonderful resource for sharing and promotion, but where should you be posting your pictures to make sure they get the greatest exposure? Here are a few of our favourite sites for photo sharing.

YouTube (it’s not just for videos! Create a slideshow of your favourites, or update your cover photo)
LinkedIn (headshot, cover photo, articles…)


How else can I use my photos to promote my brand?

Create an “about me” page.
On your website.
Use your favourite photo as a landing page.
In your catalogues.
Blog posts.
As part of PDFs and guides.
As a cover photo on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
In company announcements.

You can also…

Create a slideshow from your photos.
Use your photos to create a tutorial (for example, how to use your product).
Place quotes over the image (people love to share quotes!).
Promote a new product or webpage.
Create an ad on social media- use your custom photos to stand out from all the stock photos!
Tell a behind-the-scenes story.
Brighten up presentations with your photos.
Show your clients what it’s like to work with you and your products.

What about printing…?

It’s always a nice idea to have some of your photos printed to give to your clients something tangible, that they can touch and feel. There’s something really luxurious about printed images when they’re of a quality print on thick paper.
Here are just some of our suggestions on how to use your photos in a printed medium.

Business Cards
Thank You Cards
Post Cards

We’d love to know if you’ve thought of any other uses for your photos! Get in touch with us via email, on Facebook or Instagram.

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