Wedding in Garda – Photographer in Madrid

Wedding in Garda – Photographer in Madrid

As you can see, Garda Lake was really beautiful place to celebrate the wedding. I felt few times that the scenery is like from the movies or staged. The lake and the old little villages around the lake were more than perfect. These villages had narrow streets and little houses, which each one had a different color. Pink, yellow, green… And the walls of the houses were so beautifully rustic. I know that the guests and the couple loved the place, but for the photographer… For the photographer this was a dream; so romantic and beautiful place to photograph the wedding.

They had just 15 guests, so the wedding was really intimate and sweet. Just the close family was celebrating with them, because they came all the way from Finland to celebrate their wedding in Italy. And, after being taking a part in their wedding day, I can’t say anything else than small weddings can be absolutely as stunning as big ones. (Actually after seeing how beautiful day was, I started just dreaming about small wedding too.) As we all know, weddings are not about the size, it’s about the love.

And these two were, and are, so absolutely in love. When I was touched the most, was probably during their vows, that they read to each others during the ceremony. I might have dropped a tear too while listening them (but luckily I get to hide behind the camera so no-one sees it). And that exact moment I decided that I would want to read something to my future husband, when (or if ;) ) I get married. No matter how scary it would be in front of all the people, and no matter if anyone could understand me between my tears.

Here it comes, wedding in Garda Lake…

PS: Couple’s wish was that their guest wouldn’t be in the photos, so I choose to post photos where you can see just the couple. I hope you like the photos! : )

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